Lesson #1: Slutty Vegan ATL

Food is My Classroom at Slutty Vegan ATL

Hey students! Welcome to my blog, “Food is my Classroom.” Today we’re here in Atlanta, Ga. for a late lunch of some vegan burgers at Slutty Vegan ATL on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Slutty Vegan ATL is a new & trending black-owned restaurant owned by Pinky Cole.

Update! Ms. Cole recently announced plans for a second location in Jonesboro, GA and a third location in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta. The restaurant is also slated to begin filming a reality television show and is now entering the world of franchising!

So, follow me into the classroom and let’s get slutty!

⭐ Classroom: Slutty Vegan ATL, 1542 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW,
Atlanta, Georgia 30310

⭐ Classroom: Slutty Vegan ATL,

⭐ The Lesson Plan [Full Review of Experience]

⭐ Materials Needed:

  1. Patience: the lines are loooong
  2. Extra Cash or Cash App: for the street vendors that sell water and cocktail to those standing in line.
  3. Comfortable shoes: there is NO place to sit.
  4. Shades: to block the sun because depending on the time of day, the sun is directly in your face.
  5. Prior Knowledge: it is best to know which burger you want already. Those listed on the board at the door only show a few choices, not the entire menu online.

Opening (Appetizers)


During (Entrees)

  • One Night Stand Burger: The burger was a major let down. It was a bit overcooked, and they use bagged chopped lettuce, which is disrespectful to a burger. It had a weird taste to it. I prefer whole leaf lettuce! The vegan bacon on the burger was to die for though.

Closing (Desserts)

  • Vegan Sweet Potato Pie: This vegan pie really shocked me! The filling was so tasty with a flaky pie crust. It tasted no different than any other sweet potato pie.

The Glows [Pros]

  1. The line moved relatively fast once your order is placed and you step foot inside.
  2. The “server”, Miesha H, was super friendly and helpful with making suggestions to newcomers.
  3. The workers were hype, and having a good time! This made your experience pleasant.
  4. The sweet potato pie was very DELICIOUS!
  5. The place is frequented by college kids, tourists, and locals.

The Grows [Cons]

  1. They need a 2nd location that has seating.
  2. They need fans in the summer. It was hotter inside than outside and very smokey. (And, heat lamps for the winter coming too.)
  3. They limit the number of meals you can buy to two.
  4. They don’t open before 4 pm.
  5. They only sell Pelligrino for $2 and regular water for $1. No other drinks are available.
  6. The burgers and dessert are considerably overpriced, but not overbearing.
  7. They should switch to whole leaf lettuce on the burgers.

Evaluation: [The Score]
Grade📋 B

⭐ Feedback [Comment & Share]

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📸 and 📽 Adriena Long

⭐ Teacher’s Notes✏:
Being called a “Virgin” is celebrated & means that it is your 1st time at the restaurant.
No disrespect!

For more information, check out Slutty Vegan ATL online at http://www.sluttyveganatl.com

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