Mama’s Caribbean Grill Review

Hey students! It’s your favorite teacher, Adriena, here with today’s mini-lesson at Mama’s Caribbean Grill in Decatur, Ga. If you live in the Decatur area, try them out today! Everything was absolutely fresh and delicious!!!

Food is My Classroom at Mama’s Caribbean Grill


4919 Flat Shoals Pkwy #122, Decatur, GA 30034 (Kroger Plaza)

⭐What Did I Eat?

I had jerk shrimp, rice and peas, plantains, macaroni and cheese, jerk chicken, cabbage and veggies, curry goat, curry chicken, and oxtails in gravy. If that didn’t sound like enough, I ended with the sweet potato pudding. 


Mama’s Caribbean Grill Menu

Rice and Peas (topping with oxtail gravy is optional): The rice was cooked well and the peas were soft, but not mushy. The dish was very tasty with a mild hint of coconut milk.

Cabbage and Veggies: The cabbage had a slight crunch and was cooked with green beans, carrots, peas, red and green peppers, and corn. I absolutely loved it!!!

Mango Island Vibes Nectar

The Mango Island Vibes Nectar: This is a sweet juice that is even better over heavy ice (it’s sweet ya’ll).

The Baked Macaroni & Cheese: The noodles were NOT overcooked and the dish was well-seasoned. It was baked cheesy in the oven, which is the only way to eat it in my opinion. 

Curry Chicken: The chicken pieces were in an authenticly delicious Curry Gravy, which had a hint of coconut milk. 

Jerk Chicken: These leg quaters were tender, seasoned well, and spicy. They weren’t so spicy that it took over the meal. This was my favorite meat!!!

Sweet Potato Pudding

Jerk Shrimp: Although the shrimp are small, the jerk shrimp starts with a sweetness. Then, the heat hits you, but it is not overwhelming for those of us that can’t take hot/spicy food.

Sweet Potato Pudding: This Caribbean dessert was like a dark sweet potato pie in pudding form. It did have more nutmeg than I prefer, but it was yummy. Adding raisins to the pudding would be good too, in my opinion.

Background Knowledge: 

1. Located in the Kroger Plaza beside American Wings 3 and near Gutbusters.

2. Located in Decatur, Ga.

3. They offer a large menu and 2 Caribbean desserts. 

4. All seafood items are cooked to order.

5. For an upcharge, instead of having cabbage with rice and peas, you can substitute for baked macaroni and cheese, collard greens, or yams. 

6. They offer some drinks with an island vibe. The Mango Nectar drink was yummy.

7. The restaurant opened at the end of July (2019), as announced by the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, with a food drive for the community and 100+ free hot meals to customers.

8. Open Monday – Saturday (7 am – 10 pm), Sunday (8 am – 8 pm)


1. All natural, even the seasoning. Salt and pepper is their only purchased seasoning. They make their seasonings from blending raw ingredients. So, if they want onion powder, they blend from real onions.

2. The owner believes in no MSG.

3. My server was Khalil who was very respectful, kind, used his manners, and was completing multiple tasks with a smile on his face. 

4. The restaurant is family-owned and operated.

5. I also met Erica, the manager, who took the time to explain EACH dish to me. This was greatly appreciated considering I voiced that Caribbean cuisine is not my cuisine of choice due to how spicy it is. She explained that not all restaurants have a heat level that extreme and that they don’t!


1. It was a bit warm inside.

2. The oxtails were small, but the gravy was good enough to dip the coco bread in and eat.

✏📋 Score: A

I will definitely be going back to try more dishes. Especially, the cabbage and mac-n-cheese.

Food is My Classroom at Mama’s Caribbean Grill

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