Too Much for Too Little?

Why Expensive Restaurants Serve Tiny Portions

Today’s question from explores a shared mystery among patrons of high-end luxury restaurants. Why do expensive restaurants serve tiny portions? There are many reasons why restaurants serve small portions and we’re going to explore a few of those reasons with you.

1 | Limited Portion = Unlimited Expectations

I’m sure we have all run low on an item and product. Our natural instinct is to conserve and not be wasteful. The same concept is applied to fine dining. Restaurants attempt to recreate this conservation by giving smaller portions that diners will be excited to try and savor the richness of the dishes. Chefs and restauranteurs hope this makes the meal more memorable.

Photo by Julien Sarazin on Unsplash

2 | High Ingredient Costs

Luxury restaurants often source their ingredients from the obscure international markets and farms. This practice increases the production costs of the dish which affects the menu price. In an effort to keep the price from being astronomical, restaurants serve smaller portions.

Photo by Marta Markes on Unsplash

3 | Minimalism to the Maximum

Take a stroll on Rodeo Drive or to any high-end boutique and you will see that less is more. Expansive tables house one purse or a pair of shoes. Expensive restaurants also embody this practice through the belief that minimalism is elegant or avant garde. Guests at these establishments seek unique tastes and experiences rather than coming to fill their stomachs.

Photo by Julien Pianetti on Unsplash

4 | The Plate is a Canvas

Have you been to an art museum lately? Some expensive works of art feature a tiny image painted on an over-sized canvas. For expensive restaurants, plating techniques have evolved into a blend of aesthetics, art, and design. As a work of art, smaller portions allow enough space on the plate for the chef to display their artistry.

Photo by Aigars Peda on Unsplash

5 | Avoid Boredom

For Thanksgiving, we tend to pile our plates with food only to waste most of it. Why? Our taste buds will get used to a flavor after 4-5 bites. Smaller portions eliminates the boredom of a dish and helps your mind register the taste for a longer period.

Photo by Tae In Kim on Unsplash

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